BSB Units Released

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BSBCMM211 Apply communication skills
BSBCMM411 Make presentations
BSBCMM412 Lead difficult conversations
BSBCMM511 Communicate with influence
BSBCRT201 Develop and apply thinking and problem solving skills
BSBCRT311 Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment
BSBCRT411 Apply critical thinking to work practices
BSBCRT412 Articulate, present and debate ideas
BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others
BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving
BSBDAT201 Collect and record data
BSBESB302 Develop and present business proposals
BSBFIN301 Process financial transactions
BSBFIN302 Maintain financial records
BSBFIN501 Manage budgets and financial plans
BSBFIN601 Manage organisational finances
BSBHRM413 Support the learning and development of teams and individuals
BSBHRM415 Coordinate recruitment and onboarding
BSBHRM521 Facilitate performance development processes
BSBHRM522 Manage employee and industrial relations
BSBHRM523 Coordinate the learning and development of teams and individuals
BSBHRM524 Coordinate workforce plan implementation
BSBHRM527 Coordinate human resource functions and processes
BSBHRM531 Coordinate health and wellness programs
BSBHRM611 Contribute to organisational performance development
BSBHRM612 Contribute to the development of employee and industrial relations strategies
BSBINS502 Coordinate data management
BSBLDR411 Demonstrate leadership in the workplace
BSBLDR413 Lead effective workplace relationships
BSBLDR413 Lead effective workplace relationships
BSBLDR523 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change
BSBLDR602 Provide leadership across the organisation
BSBOPS303 Organise schedules
BSBOPS304 Deliver and monitor a service to customers
BSBOPS402 Coordinate business operational plans
BSBOPS405 Organise business meetings
BSBOPS501 Manage business resources
BSBOPS502 Manage business operational plans
BSBOPS504 Manage business risk
BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans
BSBPEF201 Support personal wellbeing in the workplace
BSBPEF301 Organise personal work priorities
BSBPEF302 Develop self-awareness
BSBPEF501 Manage personal and professional development
BSBPEF502 Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBPMG430 Undertake project work
BSBPUR301 Purchase goods and services
BSBSTR401 Promote innovation in team environments
BSBSTR502 Facilitate continuous improvement
BSBSTR601 Manage innovation and continuous improvement
BSBSUS211 Participate in sustainable work practices
BSBSUS413 Evaluate and report on workplace sustainability
BSBSUS511 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability
BSBTEC201 Use business software applications
BSBTEC404 Use digital technologies to collaborate in a work environment
BSBTEC601 Review organisational digital strategy
BSBTWK301 Use inclusive work practices
BSBTWK401 Build and maintain business relationships
BSBTWK501 Lead diversity and inclusion
BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness
BSBWHS311 Assist with maintaining workplace safety
BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
BSBWRT311 Write simple documents
BSBWRT411 Write complex documents
BSBXCM301 Engage in workplace communication
BSBXCM401 Apply communication strategies in the workplace
BSBXCM501 Lead communication in the workplace
BSBXCS303 Securely manage personally identifiable information and workplace information
BSBXCS404 Contribute to cyber security risk management
BSBXTW301 Work in a team
BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team


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